Developing a Relationship with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

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The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra is an institution in Edmonton, Alberta. Their artistic mission is to bring the highest quality of live orchestral music to the community, something they’ve done for more than six decades.


With a current roster of 56 musicians from Canada and around the world, the ESO performs a wide-ranging repertoire from the great classical masterworks to pop and family concerts.


The ESO came to Curio Studio to develop a campaign for its 2012 – 2013 Season. The orchestra’s marketing team works with swift and ever changing deadlines, needing their collateral to not only be in line with the audiences they serve, but delivered on time. This was our opportunity to showcase not only our design abilities, but our genuine care and attention to detail.


The outcome has been a blossoming relationship that has continued season after season. We’ve worked on a wide range of pieces for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, ranging from direct mail campaigns, to handmade paper illustrations, to creative direction around the ESO website. Each fresh approach we present to the client is considered, which would not be possible without building a trusting working relationship.

casestudy_ESO casestudy_ESO

Building this trusting working relationship has allowed Curio to be bold while working with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. It has allowed us to take our ideas further than we could have without that trust, into new and exciting places, which helps us draw more attention to the orchestra while respecting and remaining within the bounds of their brand.


Curio Studio consistently delivers beautiful work for the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, whether it’s a simple postcard, a complex season brochure, or a full website redesign. They have a knack for fulfilling concepts with creative design that fits our brand identity. It’s always a pleasure to work with Amanda and her team, and we very much appreciate their talent, creativity and professionalism.”

Philip Paschke, Communications Manager,

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

casestudy_ESO casestudy_ESO

Why is the client to designer relationship important?

Building a trusting relationship with design studio takes time. Your company’s identity is being entrusted with a design team and that needs to be respected. Clients need to feel that they are working with a firm that has the intellectual capacity to understand the business they are in, and that each project is linked to the goals of the company. Your values, beliefs, and long-term goals need to be considered in every design decision made.


How will Curio make your experience meaningful?

At Curio, we feel the best outcome comes from the client working directly with the designer. Our job is to learn everything we can about you and create work in line with your business goals. With no middle man required, our creative team meets directly with you, getting a deep understanding of your organization and working closely with you to produce gorgeous design that is on point. We want the outcome to be perfect, delivered on time, and for the process of creating each piece to be enjoyable and meaningful for you.

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