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The Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) was formed in 1968, and has since become a recognized leader in providing comprehensive health benefits for Alberta’s public education sector. With over 100,000 members and dependants covered across Alberta, the goal of ASEBP is to promote health and well-being across the education system.


ASEBP came to Curio in 2010 to create a new look for their print brochures. We presented a vibrant, illustrative look that immediately fit the organization’s vision. After examining long-term organizational goals, ASEBP welcomed a complete overhaul that involved a new logo, colour palette, typographic system, icons and illustration elements based on the initial design pieces presented. These new elements were then applied consistently through a wide variety of projects, including stationery, print collateral, advertising, calendar and health planners, posters, signage, trade show materials, websites, and even a mobile app (for iPhones and Androids).

The creative work we’ve developed — and continue to develop — for ASEBP has blossomed into a comprehensive brand system that Alberta’s school employees can identify with and buy into. Each piece is created with care and attention to the company’s vision, fostering healthy lifestyles and healthy workplaces so the educational experience of Alberta’s students is the best it can be.

The results

The ASEBP Calendar & Health Planner has been produced each of the last three school years, with members requesting the calendars earlier and earlier each year. When the 2014-2015 calendars became available on August 1, requests started flooding in and all 10,000 printed copies had been spoken for by December 2014.


What they said:

“The nearly four years I have spent working with Curio Studio have been an absolute delight. The team of designers are dedicated, flexible and always responsive to feedback. They are able to translate my explanations and sketches into the perfect illustration or design, time and time again.


Their versatility has been displayed throughout my experience with them— they have designed websites, brochures, advertisements, presentation templates and trade show banners; they provided graphics for t-shirts and promotional items; they have even illustrated several employees. I deeply value the strong working relationship I have with Curio and I look forward to continued collaboration with them.”

Jocelyn Reeves, Communications Advisor,

Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP)

Why is application so important?

Across different mediums and at various scales, the visual language still needs to work effectively. It needs to not only convey the brand personality, but demonstrate a clear understanding of the target audience. Every single piece created must be flexible in expression but consistent in how it communicates the company message.


How is Curio versatile in design application?

You’ve hired our firm to take special care and attention with all the details. Curio is obsessed with quality, ensuring the expression of the piece is aligned with the personality of your brand. We are capable of designing a compelling billboard or a Twitter icon with the same polished consistency. Whether it’s an ad campaign, print brochure or web application, our job is to seize that opportunity and communicate the overall tone of your brand.

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