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Edmonton Street Performers Festival

You can see our work around town right now for Edmonton Street Performers Festival. Posters, postcards, festival program, transit, advertising, website, signage etc! Check out the festival, don’t let the rain stop you 🙂

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design packaging

Transcend take-away cups

This project took a LONG time 🙂 Lots of technical challenges with registration, predicting how the ink would bleed into the material,… but at the end of the day they turned out perty! I would like to do a ‘small’ espresso cup in dark blue with stars and moon. So, they would have night for…

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identity illustration

Bits of work

A sneak peak at a new festival project we’re sponsoring, purring over textured eames paper (which we ordered direct from Neenah) for Woodbridge Communications AND an itty bitty business card for Aplomb!

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Pica Memories

Things we loved about The PICA Conference: – Meeting creative folks from our Edmonton community that we’ve always admired – Being inspired by talented illustrators and agencies – Travelling with the girls from the Met Agency – Valet service! It was disappointing that Armin Vit got stuck at the border with his Mexican passport, booooo….

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