Theatre Six Pack

For the last fifteen years, Theatre Six Pack has been featuring shows from numerous Edmonton theatre groups. With six shows for the price of one, it’s a great deal and an equally great opportunity to see a variety of what the city’s theatre culture has to offer. Tickets sell out fast!

For the last few years, the design of their marketing materials was unchanged — imagery of a six pack of beer in an accordion fold or a passport-style brochure. We wanted to bring something new to their approach. Our redesign of the brochure was a nod to the work done in the past, but with a fresh perspective, and a focus on illustration. By deciding upon a direction that centered on the furniture and décor found in a home — bookshelves, rugs, tapestries, shelves, and picture frames — we made the brochure feel inviting, interactive, and relatable.

The piece evokes a feeling of special items on display, like a wall of specially curated art and a collection of memorable experiences. We used a limited colour palette as a call-back to previous years’ two-colour treatment. The design translated well to the many pieces that we created for the campaign, including a brochure, beer labels (the 6-pack lives on!), banners, ads and online pieces.