ASEBP 2017/2018 Day Planner

The ASEBP day planner is a project we’ve worked on for seven years now, and with each planner it’s interesting to look at how we can bring something new to the project and build upon the brand. The day planner has tips, resources and activities for teachers on how to stay healthy throughout the year, featuring spreads of members living a healthy and active lifestyle, plus accompanying illustration throughout.

Last year we did a complete redesign of the day planner. Things within the ASEBP organization were moving in a new direction, so we kept the momentum going by continuing to evolve the brand alongside this positive internal change. We decided to use a larger format for the planner and we redesigned many of the brand elements. This year’s issue features a new illustrative style, building on the brand’s colour palette and fitting well with the new photographic style.

Working on a project of this scope has been a great way for us to continue building up the ASEBP brand and to successfully create a piece that is accessible to its members, in addition to being easy to use on a daily basis.