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Belmont Block Mural

We featured some of our favourite projects throughout December, and the Belmont Mural was such a fun one for our team to work on last summer. We spent a week climbing all over scaffolding to complete this large mural in Little Italy, which is a community within the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Between many days of hot hot sun and other rainy moments, the constant throughout the execution of this project was the delicious croissants we consumed from the Italian Centre across the street.

This is the initial rationale for the mural concept that we presented to the client:

Capturing the charm of the neighbourhood culture,this concept uses a postive typographical message to welcome people. The message is complimented with a neighbourhood street and a smiling girl whisking along on an italian scooter. Olive branches tucked in different areas throughout the mural give a nod to the belmont logo/branding.

Its our hope that the residents of this vibrant community enjoy the mural for many years to come! Special thanks to Beljan Development, the building owner of the Belmont Block and the City of Edmonton for funding and supporting such a wonderful project for the neighbourhood.


belmont img_20160721_171741 img_20160718_135934 img_20160718_121211-1 img_20160718_121112 img_7714 img_7708   img_7679 img_7678  img_1650 img_1637 belmont-panorama