ASEBP Brand Refresh

Curio has worked with the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan for eight years, developing print, web and branding. We have a full case study of our working relationship in the portfolio section. Last spring, we took on the challenge of updating the organization’s brand with an expanded colour palette, photography style, type treatments and new illustration style. 

Aspects of this direction are still rolling out but the initial pieces we’ve designed include a Why ASEBP? booklet, By the numbers brochure and the 2016 day planner. More will be unveiled as the year progresses, and ASEBP settles into a brand new office on Calgary Trail.


img_7530 img_7529 img_7499 img_7481 img_7470 img_7466 img_7438 img_7429 asebp-dayplannerillustration3 asebp-dayplannerillustration2 asebp-dayplannerillustration whyasebpf_singles15 whyasebpf_singles4 img_6882 img_6813 img_6808 img_6804 img_6799 img_6791 asebp-logo