Prairie Pigeon Patisserie

Recently we had the opportunity to design the brand for Prairie Pigeon, an Edmonton-area pastry-maker trained in France. We designed branding materials for Prairie Pigeon that take visual cues from vintage hand-painted Parisian signage, while combining it with a colour palette that’s a little more “prairies”. A support pattern of pigeons and wheat (and fleur-de-lis pigeon tracks!) also has a mock-couture feel, which is fitting for these elegant, delicious pastries. Seriously, you need to try these éclairs. 

PRAIRIEPIGEON_LOGO_RGB PRAIRIEPIGEON_Background1 Prairie Pigeon PP-insta3 amattnda_-894 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_7343 IMG_7340 IMG_7333 IMG_7326 IMG_7322