Punchcard is a web, mobile and sharepoint solutions company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They work closely with organizations to improve their effectiveness by streamlining access to data through portals, creating web & mobile applications, and consulting services. Punchcard’s target audience is any company, small or large, that values smart access to knowledge and information through technology. 

The name Punchcard is a nod back to the advent of the modern computing era, representing data, inputs and processes. The concept behind this logo is the utilization of the letterforms 1 and a 0, speaking to binary language, to create the iconic P in the brand. Additionally, the font used to build the form is OCR, for “Optical Character Recognition”, a font that was originally designed simply so that it could be easily read by machines, which is a strong nod back to computer technology.



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This post was last updated on September 21, 2016 by Rachel Beyer