AIM Athletics

We created a brand for the University of Alberta’s AIM sports programming this past summer. The program is geared to train and prepare children to excel at different types of sports. The goal is to make sports an integral part of these kids’ lives, and for some, even reach for an Olympic level. It was important that this brand complement the many other University of Alberta Physical Education logos, like the Golden Bears and Panda Athletics, and work within the current U of A brand. The logo is a blend of visual concept capturing target circles zeroing in on a flame; an icon that celebrates the life of the Olympic games. Fire symbolizes energy, power and passion, which are all great descriptors for the drive of a young athlete.

AIM_LOGO_RGB 2016_03_10AIM_HPTRC (16) (1)AIM_athlete AIM (37) AIM (23) AIM (8) 

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