Adsotively is a project we launched in the fall of 2014; a blog dedicated to showcasing vintage ads from Edmonton. We dug up old ads from old Royal Alexandra Hospital yearbook archives dating all the way back to the 1930s! We even wrote a couple articles about our process. Read them on the Edmonton City as Museum Project website here and here

Adsotively is a blog is dedicated to sharing the treasure-trove of vintage advertising that we discovered. Lots of exciting things still to come. Follow along with this project here. A special thank you to the Edmonton Heritage Council for providing us with a grant to spearhead this project.

IMG_5351 IMG_2239 IMG_2208 IMG_2189 IMG_2159 IMG_2156 IMG_2145 IMG_0740 1959 1 1955 31 1953 22 1946 1940 1934 40