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Deepika Mittra Branding

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We had the pleasure of creating a brand for Deepika Mittra. Deepika is a Therapist, stress expert, and self-care advocate. She’s done amazing work to raise awareness around the importance of self-care. You can check out her TEDX talk online to learn more about what it means to incorporate self-care into a lifestyle.

Deepika came to Curio looking to create a professional brand that would take her forward in her career. She recently just came off an extended maternity leave and ready to jump into her industry once more. The logo, secondary graphics and print collateral we created feel personable, tactile, grounded with calming colour choices. 

We were fortunate to once more partner with Kobot on Deepika’s website, translating the feeling of the brand online. They did an amazing job with capturing her presence, giving specific direction around the style of the website, photography selection and tone of the messaging.

We’re really proud of this project and hope to continue partnering with Deepika on more projects around self-care in the future! Be sure to check out her workshops and speaking engagements.

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