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Harvest Celebration 2015


The Harvest Celebration is a fundraiser for the Lois Hole Hospital. We’ve developed print materials for this fundraiser for many years, and the 2015 gala is happening in a few weeks. This year, the event is raising funds specifically for MIS (Minimally Invasive Surgery) Program.

Curio had the fortunate opportunity to really explore with the invitation design and use a laser cutting technique. We started by illustrating sketches of trees and figuring out how the invite could be an experience as it opens. We worked closely with Elite Lithographers and a local laser printing company back and forth refining the detail on the illustration so it would be manageable for the laser equipment to cut.

The design was printed on a press on high quality paper, with metallic ink. Then, each invite had to be inserted by hand into a laser cutter and took over a minute to cut out. Finally, each piece was hand folded and inserted into the envelope. This was done because if the invites were stacked, they would tangle together. The design of the invite took approximately 6 weeks and the entire production on the invite took approximately 1 month.

It was great that we were able to execute the entire piece locally, and that the final product is completely unique for the client. Thanks again to Elite for patiently working through the production process with us!

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