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Family, Friend & Lover Logos


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Have you ever been curious about the process behind the creation of a logo or brand? Come on down to the Design Habitat Pop Up at The Works Festival to find out! Curio Studio will be creating logos in churchill square from 11am – 5pm on Monday, June 29. Sit down for a consult, flip through the Curio portfolio and meet our team! Based on the information we gather from you, we will create a unique logo for your family, a friendship or your special romantic relationship. In the end you’ll have a physical copy of your logo and we’ll email you a jpg so you can put it on a t-shirt for your loved one. We’ll document a few outcomes throughout the day on our @whatiscurio instagram.

About the Graphic Designers of Canada Design Habitat Pop Up:

Immerse yourself in a design studio! Designers, freelancers and studios will be creating a simulated graphic design studio environment.

Every day will be a new adventure as Edmonton-based creatives cultivate their ideas and patrons can experience what it feels like to be the client or simply a fly on the wall. Get your own 5-cent design advice, do a logo design consult, or just peek over the shoulder of designers practicing their craft! When the studio punches out at 5 PM, browse through the day’s outcomes on the walls of the space. Follow on @gdcabnorth to see a day-to-day capture of what happens in the “studio.”