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Adapt MC

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Adapt MC is an Edmonton-based management consulting firm. We originally worked with Esther on a brand for Steeves Advisory, and her company recently acquired another partner, Chris Hartman, and went through a name change. It was great to work with this company again to develop a logo and visual identity for their new business name, Adapt MC.

Out of the concepts we presented, they selected the grass metaphor. This was the rationale we presented along with the concept:

Grasses are one the most adaptable species on the planet and Alberta is home to many grasslands, so it’s fitting that Adapt MC would grow out of our province. The organic form of also speaks to First Nations, agriculture, and environment. The grasses in this mark grow outside the frame of the letterforms, indicative of Adapt MC’s unique solutions for their clients. 

The business cards we designed for Adapt MC have a large emboss on the secondary grass element, giving the card a really tactile feel.

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