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Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

In early 2015, Curio finished a mega project for ABMI (Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute). 

What is ABMI? From their website, an overview:

From the boreal forest in the north to the grasslands in the south, the ABMI monitors the state of Alberta’s biodiversity. To do this, the ABMI employs a systematic grid of 1,656 site locations, spaced 20 km apart, to collect biodiversity information on terrestrial and wetland sites.

Here are some of the pencil drawings and a few of the finals from the project. The project is officially online now at the ABMI website, specifically, browse the Biodiversity sections to see the illustrations (click to zoom in to see them up close!)

This was a great challenge for the studio to take on, given that we usually create illustrations that are highly stylized, vs. realistic. We went through many rounds of sketches to makes sure all the species in each zone are represented accurately and placed in the proper locations across Alberta.

We’re gearing up to do more illustrations for ABMI’s Land Access group this Spring, so you’ll see more samples of this work in a few months!

abmi1 abmi2 abmi3 abmi4 abmi5 abmi6 abmi7 abmisketches