The Pets of Curio

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It’s been alot of pet talk around the studio, given we are currently working on a project that involves dogs in costumes and that Rachel has a new puppy!  We thought we’d do a post featuring all the awesome pets that have hung out at the Curio Studio over the past 12 years:

Isis was a beautiful kitty who presented kind of bitchy,…but very affectionate. She loved to lay around in our home studio (before we moved to deli location, Woodward/Curio was located in Amanda’s basement studio). She especially loved to lay in Kristin’s arms while she tapped away at the keyboard.

Kayt kinda whisked in and whisked out of our lives, but she made a big impact. A rescue greyhound, she kinda just layed there. If she wasn’t taking her 100000th nap, she would gently wander up to clients when they arrived for a meeting and just wait for a scratch behind the ears. We even made an awesome promo brochure of her statistics for our clients to get to know her racing career (she ran the track in Texas before settling into retirement). People still like to talk about Kayt because she just had a presence and kindness about her.

Luna is the opposite of gentle, but one of the craziest, most loyal dogs you’ll meet. Half Pom and half American eskimo, she can bound through a freezing winter snow storm like it ain’t no thang. She came to Curio as a puppy and did her share of damage, including chewing through a cord for our external hard drive that contained ALL our client files (don’t worry, we saved them). When she isn’t hanging out with Grandma Schutz, this fluffy girl likes to visit the Whyte Ave studio.