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Teaching at MacEwan

brosmind yukoA great perk of teaching at MacEwan is collecting material for students to help inspire them and understand what is happening in the industry. I do this through showcasing illustrator process, instructing on printing techniques and profiling rebrands as a discussion piece in the classroom. I’d like to share a few of my resources with you:

Rebrands: Brand New

Printing: For Print Only (FPO)

Illustrator collection: Pinterest

Finally, MacEwan was very kind to profile my career as a designer and instructor at

Illustrators: Emilia Noponzi (Italy) / Edel Rodriguez (USA) / Jody Hewgill (Canada) / Isabelle Arsenaut (Canada) / Stavros Damos (Greece) / Brosmind (Italy) / Yuko Shimizu (USA)

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